Our Values


At CT Construction, we believe strongly in being honest and instilling trust by following through with our promises, and taking responsibility for our actions. Integrity is what guides us during all hiring decisions. We pledge to write our repair and remodeling estimates fairly and never seek excessive profits.

Service Excellence

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide first class service and strive for excellence every single day. We will work to provide the very best with unparalleled results for our clients.


We know it is important to show respect to our clients and customers in every encounter. We respect and understand that many of our customers come to us only after they have had a traumatic event such as fire or flood damage. As a result, we will work compassionately to meet each client’s needs. We respect and appreciate those whose jobs impact our work including insurance adjusters, building inspectors and material suppliers. We respect our fellow employees and value their insight and input.


Our core competency is project management. We know that most issues stem from inadequate or improper communication. We strive to establish expectations with our customers, and we stay on schedule.

Our Process

You are Always Informed And In Charge

  • Your CT Construction representative will provide a complimentary in-home discussion and outline your project.
  • Your project team will meet with you to further assess your needs and develop your unique design solution.
  • A project assessment and proposal will be presented to you
  • A timeline showing scheduled milestones will be presented at the time of contract
  • Regular project updates will be scheduled to discuss progress and milestones and solicit your feedback
  • Your CT Construction representative will inspect the work with you to ensure that everything has been done to your satisfaction

Our Promise

We promise to always be:

  • Reliable and consistent in our response and quality of work.
  • Respectful and courteous to you and all of your needs.
  • On schedule and resourceful with your time.
  • Prepared at all times in order to minimize disruption.
  • Honest and thorough in our communications.
  • Specialized and trained in every service we offer.
  • Exceptionally cautious when caring for your home, office, or belongings.